Temperature-Controlled Freight Shipping

Your sensitive cargo must be shipped with precision. At Patterson Companies, we deliver refrigerated freight shipping nationwide. Since 1985, we’ve leveraged our expertise to offer seamless handovers and flexible processes, helping shippers get their temperature-sensitive items from door to destination without hassle. Discover our streamlined shipping solutions to optimize your cold chain.

Our Temperature-Controlled Shipping Solutions

We’re one of the refrigerated trucking companies with the most industry experience, serving shippers nationwide. Some of our shipping solutions include:

  • Refrigerated shipping: We have experience in effectively handling perishable items requiring refrigerated transport. Patterson has the resources and skills to help.
  • Climate-controlled shipping: Minimize the impact of element fluctuations on your products during transport. Our climate-controlled options ensure optimal conditions for items like canned goods and cosmetics.
  • Frozen load shipping: Your products may need to ship frozen. Frozen shipping is highly specialized and requires an experienced hand. The Patterson Companies team has decades of experience streamlining the supply chain and getting your frozen products to the desired destination without friction.
  • Dry goods shipping: Perhaps this time around, you require standard shipping. With Patterson, you can seamlessly switch between our dry van and temperature-controlled shipping as your requirements change.

Benefits of Working With Us

Leveraging our services comes with various benefits:

  • Experienced team: Our carriers specialize in treating your temperature-sensitive cargo efficiently and skillfully. Even with stops along the way, we stick to industry best practices for excellent results.
  • High-demand fulfillment: Your fresh produce, dairy products, seafood, meat, and other temperature-sensitive items are in demand. With our reliable shipping solutions, you can rapidly transport your cargo in the quantity you need.
  • Versatile applications: Patterson’s trucks are suitable for various applications. Our temperature-controlled transportation gives you flexibility in delivering produce, pharmaceuticals, art, plants, personal care items, fruits and vegetables, and other specialty products.
  • Optimized transportation: When temperature control is essential for your shipments, our cold chain solutions maintain your products at predetermined temperatures, providing optimal results throughout the transportation process.

Your Cargo — Our Priority

As one of the leading temperature-controlled shipping companies in the U.S., you can count on us to drive your shipping business forward. We offer:

Excellent Support

Our team is available around the clock to deliver personalized support. We provide robust monitoring and tracking so you can be confident your items will be delivered on schedule and in proper condition.

Extensive Experience

Patterson has decades of experience. We leverage tried-and-tested solutions and the latest technology and innovations to provide transportation solutions to swear by.

Value-Driven Service

Integrity. Transparency. Tenacity. Our business foundation is built on sound values. From this solid base, we offer shipping solutions that are reliable, economical, and proactive. We handle transportation so that you can handle your core business.

Take a Load Off With Patterson

At Patterson Companies, we’re in it with you for the long haul. You can trust us to get your temperature-sensitive items to your destination quickly.

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