Carrier Support

We are extremely sensitive to the needs of the truck drivers and recognize that once the truck has been dispatched, they are the key player in ensuring that the product is delivered timely and in the proper condition.

We understand that the truck driver carries tremendous responsibility and we take every measure possible to assist them each step along the way.

Do You Have?
    • Active Carrier Authority?

    • A minimum of $100,000 of Cargo Insurance?

    • A minimum of $1,000,000 of Liability Insurance?

    • A proven track record for performance?

    • A desire to work with an industry leading Logistics company?

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    Wilson Baptiste

    Service is incredible… We wish everyone was like you guys!!

    Wilson Baptiste

    Joseph Carmona

    I LOVE working with Patterson. They gave me the first opportunity to work with them here in the state of Florida, and for that, I am very grateful. The agents that I work for are very respectful and thoughtful… they really care. The people that work with payroll are excellent. Thank you Patterson!

    Joseph Carmona

    Samson Andrew

    Pat Weeks in accounting is always available and willing to assist with my daily requests while on the road. She is very meticulous and detail oriented. She is also polite, well spoken and a tremendous asset to the Patterson Companies. I consider myself very fortunate to be associated with her over the past years.

    Samson Andrew

    Stevie H

    I was surprised at how quickly I received my settlement. Patterson payments are always on time and they get it right.

    Stevie H

    Eduardo E

    I have been working with Patterson Companies since 2000… honest people, dedicated, responsible and accountable, always on time. Thank you Patterson Team!

    Eduardo E

    Shellie M

    They are very dependable, with great driver presentation.

    Shellie Massie
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    Carrier Settlements

    We respect and value the integral role that carriers and drivers play in the services we provide. We are the industry leaders in accurately and efficiently paying our carriers. Other than snail mail, some of our quick-pay options include:

    • Comchek
    • Direct deposit
    • Overnight mail

    We now offer electronic submission for load paperwork.* To learn more about the details of electronic paperwork submission terms and conditions, please contact Carrier Relations at:

    * Please note that load confirmations noted 'Originals Required' are NOT eligible for email submission.

    Contact our Carrier Settlement Team

    Questions about your settlement? We're happy to help find you a solution!