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  • 8/4/2016
  • Category: Recent News

Technology-Patterson's new way of giving back

Patterson has always believed in giving back to the community and sharing knowledge. Recently Patterson Companies CTO, Murali Inguva, attended a community event called "All Star Project- Tech Track".

All Stars Project “Tech Track” Program

Tech Track is an afterschool initiative created by the All Stars Project that brings young people from inner-city communities in contact with successful tech professionals in tech related workshops, Meet & Greets and other developmental contexts. The goal of the program is to help young people see themselves as potential future tech professionals and learn more about one of the country’s most rapidly growing industries.

Leveraging the All Stars’ innovative performance-based model for youth development, Tech Track has allowed hundreds of young people in many communities to connect to technology and the innovation economy for the first time.  Together we are contributing new thinking about, and new models for, developing youth and poor communities and connecting Americans across cultural and economic divides.

Professionals from the Technology Industry joined on August 3rd 2016 to motivate young and talented students. 

"There will not be any separate Technology Departments in the future, it will be blended into business processes. Everybody by default will become technologists." - Jonathan Washburn, CEO Cignium Technologies

"Coming to the tech industry is comparatively easier than sustaining there. Hard work and dedication lead to success. " - Murali Inguva, CTO, Patterson Companies

"Business Intelligence and Security are future of the technology" - Armen Movsessian, Director of Quality Assurance, Harco Incentive Solutions

"You don’t need to own product to change the industry, Uber doesn’t own cars but they are a leader in the Taxi industry; AirBnb doesn’t own a home, but they are a leader in the Home Renting Industry." - Srikanth Iyer, Sr. Data Architect, Sirus XM