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  • 10/5/2016
  • Category: Recent News

Patterson Companies approved as SmartWay Transport Partner!

The SmartWay Transport Partnership is a business organization administered by the United States government and designed to encourage businesses to manage logistics in an environmentally responsible way. The program was formed in 2004, and is administered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and is housed with the USEPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ) - Transportation and Climate Division (TCD). SmartWay aims to voluntarily achieve improved fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impacts from freight transport. The organization provides incentives and recognition for top performers to encourage continued improvement.

Partnership members are encouraged to improve fuel savings and reduce emissions in several ways. Freight carriers may upgrading their truck fleet with various fuel saving technologies and by reducing idling time. Other possible strategies include:

  • Wind deflectors on the tops, sides, and rear of trucks, to reduce aerodynamic drag;
  • Fuel-efficient tires and tire inflation systems to reduce rolling resistance;
  • Idle reduction equipment to power and cool the cab while the truck is not in motion, allowing the engine to be shut off;
  • Use of speed governors
  • Use of hybrid powertrain systems, especially for urban operation trucks.

This voluntary public-private program:

  • Provides a comprehensive and well-recognized system for tracking, documenting and sharing information about fuel use and freight emissions across supply chains
  • Helps companies identify and select more efficient freight carriers, transport modes, equipment, and operational strategies to improve supply chain sustainability and lower costs from goods movement
  • Supports global energy security and offsets environmental risk for companies and countries
  • Reduces freight transportation-related climate change and air pollutant emissions by accelerating the use of advanced fuel-saving technologies
  • Supported by major transportation industry associations, environmental groups, state and local governments, international agencies, and the corporate community

Patterson Companies strives to utilize top carriers in the industry. our Carrier Relations team utilizes many reosurces when qualifyinh each of our carriers, to ensure each load is in the best hands going up the road.